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Flies High

Surplused Stoner Sample Sack

Surplused Stoner Sample Sack

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Thanks to our amazing suppliers, we're all in luck! We're very overstocked in a healthy variety of cones, papers, filters, stickers and a few other goodies such as rolling trays and grinders. We're bundling up a few items into each Sample Sack, along with a QR code to a survey to complete if you'd like to (please!) review the products you received in your specific Sample!

Each Sample Sack is guaranteed to be unique with different, although similar, products. GUARANTEED to come with, at minimum:
- x2 packs of papers
- x2 packs of filters and/or tips
- x1 random product
- x1 sticker

*pictures shown are of Sample Sacks 1, 2 and 3, which will not be altered; bags are shipped in order as sold, other than guaranteed outcome listed above products are randomized

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